While we provide many financial and wealth related services, all with a focus on capturing opportunities and risk mitigation, the following situation profiles provide our clients the greatest benefit.  We also offer many free educational webinars to help people understand both the opportunities available today and potential risks they face. This education sets the foundation to help people make wise and informed decisions regarding the choices they have, the impact of each choice, and the financial tools and strategies that provide them the greatest probability of success toward their goals with the least amount of risk.

Services offered

  • Business Tax Credits (Get Money Back from the Government – only 5% claim this)
  • Business Success – (Helping You Ensure Future Business Success and Succession)
  • College Planning and Funding (Helping your children get in and get scholarships)
  • Young Professional earning $100,000 per year (can be joint income) – Super Charge their Retirement
  • Retirement Planning – Age 55 and above (Do not need to be retired) –
  • The 10 very Real and Significant Risks that could Seriously Jeopardize your Retirement
  • Individuals with Large Qualified Retirement Plans (Age 55 and above) – Avoid the Tax Bomb
  • Highly Appreciated Assets (How to legally sell and avoid most of the capital gain taxes)
  • Insurance or Annuity Policy Audit (What you Don’t Know – Can Hurt You)
  • Long-Term Care Expense Mitigation (A Long-Term Care Event can Devastate your Retirement)
  • Very High Net Worth – Estate Planning and Wealth Transfer (Reduce estate taxes 20-50%)